An athlete's nutrition can be their best friend or worst enemy depending on their nutritional decisions. It is extremely important that you are consuming enough calories and nutrients to promote recovery, stimulate growth, and prepare the body for the next training session.
The following is a detailed guide to nutrient timing; an important skill necessary for effective muscle development. As you will see, it is essential that athletes are consuming nutrients before, during, and long after a training session has been completed. The nutrient timing method will allow athletes to reload their energy stores while stimulating recovery and promoting growth. 
What does this mean?
Athletes should have a decent breakfast and sugary snack before their workout begins. They should always have a snack of carbohydrates and proteins to end their training session and keep fueling themselves as the day goes on.   
Protein Powder: Is it Really Needed?
The simple answer: Yes.
I (Coach Iverson) do not have a degree in nutritional biochemistry, but I do have a very solid background in fueling myself and other athletes for training and performance purposes. Performance athletes, especially those between the ages of 13-25, are in a constant state of an elevated metabolism. The body simple cannot keep up with the energy expenditure and nutrients needed to rebuild. Genetics plays a large role in energy efficiency and nutrient dispersion, but actively providing nutrients to the body will help any athlete succeed. My advice would be to purchase a 5 LB (roughly 75 serving) container of whey protein isolate and/or concentrate. This should last athletes the entire summer and given them up to two shakes per training day.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.