Year Long Program

The Saber Readiness program is open to any athlete in 6-8th grades that want to improve their overall athletic strength and fitness. Students will learn safe lifetime fitness activities through supervised strength coaching. Saber Readiness is a mid-level program that will teach, practice, and develop proper strength training in a safe and controlled manner.


Session Information:

Location: West Middle School – a shuttle bus will provide transportation from East.

Time: 2:45-4:00 at the West Weight Room.  

Start date: Monday, September 17th.

Days-: All 6th grade students, plus 7th grade girls will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays.  7th grade boys plus all 8th grade students will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

No Saber Strength on Early Release days.

There is NO activity bus after the workouts.  Kids are responsible for their own ride home.

Contact Mark Neu with questions at


General Information:

  • Students/ athletes should wear proper workout attire (shorts/t-shirt/athletics shoes)

  • Students/ athletes must follow directions and be willing to work



All registration is done online through the Shakopee Activities Office Website

  1. Hover over the “Registration” tab at the top. Then, click the “Registration Link” link in the drop down menu.

  2. If you have a Sport Engine account, please log in. If you do not, please create an account. You will have to verify your account with the email address provided before you can proceed with creating your new account.

  3. Once you are logged in to Sport Engine, please continue with the current registration session. You will want to register to use the Fitness Center.  All starred questions must be answered in order for the registration to be complete.

  4. There are no fees for the year long program and you do not need to enter a physical date. 

  5. Complete the registration and log out