Vertical Endeavors discounts their standard rates to $12 for the entrance fee and  $2 for each piece of rental equipment (the standard cost is $18 plus a $5 harness rental). We do ask that you try to bring exact change, as Mr. Rutherford will collect the money and pay VE in one lump sum (to get the group rate). 

Please check with Mr. Rutherford if money is an issue; It is a primary goal of this club that ANY student who wishes to climb may do so! We definitely have some harnesses that may be used for free; contact Mr. Rutherford if you would like to reserve one. 

The only equipment actually required to climb at VE is a climbing harness, which can be rented at VE each night for $2. Many people climb with special climbing shoes as well; these are also $2 to rent, or can be purchased for around $80. Beginners can easily get by with a tight fitting pair of tennis shoes.