• Swimming and diving are team sports (not because of points but because of training). All practices and meets are required, though some meets are considered "Varsity Only." 
  • Email Coach Hills if you know of an upcoming absence. Notice should be given prior to the absence.
  • If you miss practice without an excuse, you will not be allowed to participate in the next meet. While I appreciate student emails and texts, an email from a parent is required.
  • Aside from school-related excuses, if you don't participate fully in practice the day before a meet, you won't be allowed to compete in that meet.
  • Athletes should be leaders at school. If a student receives ISS or OSS for any reason, they will out of the next meet but expected to attend and support the team from the bench.
  • If an athlete misses 15 practices, they will be removed from the roster and not allowed to participate with the team.

*Except in cases of illness, athletes must notify me if they will be absent from a meet at least one week prior to their absence. A one-meet suspension may be assessed.


All swimmers and divers, regardless of grade, are eligible to receive a Varsity Letter. In the past, only the top 30-50% of the team have received a Varsity Letter for their contributions to the team. Lettering is an honor and may take years of work in order to earn this award. Swimmers and divers must meet each of the following criteria, regardless of previous letters or years on the team:

  • Character.  Swimmer must show good sportsmanship throughout the entire season as well as being a positive role model within the team, the school, and the community.
  • Attendance.  Swimmers and divers should have very consistent attendance throughout the season and not miss more than 6 practices.
  • Academics.  Swimmers must hold and maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Athletes who qualify for Sections in an individual or relay event will receive a letter if the above criterion are met. Athletes that do not make the Section roster but do meet the time standards set each year by the coaches will also be eligible to letter.
  • Seniors who have swam for the previous 2 years without receiving a letter will receive a letter for their continued commitment to the team if above criteria are met.

*Coach’s Discretion.  The coaching staff has the ability to award or dismiss any athlete’s varsity letter regardless of how many of the above requirements have been met.