Swimming and Diving is a great sport, but it can be confusing to new athletes. If you are new to swimming and diving, read the information below to get a better idea of what this great sport consists of.

At Meets:

  • Athletes are on the pool deck the entire meet
  • They should bring a snack to eat before meets
  • Athletes can participate in up to 4 events (max of 2 individual events)
  • Swimmer's events are spread out so they are well rested
  • Busing is provided to all away meets
  • After home meets, we provide food for all athletes in the cafeteria

Types of Meets:

  • Dual Meet - between two teams (most meets are dual) - lineup is set just before the meet, can be changed during the meet. Usually last approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Invitational - between many teams (only 3 or 4 per season) and the lineup is set a week before. Usually last at least 3 hours. Typically only Varsity athletes participate at Invitationals.


During a dual meet, each team is allowed to have three varsity athletes in each event. They are also allowed 3 junior varsity athletes in each event. If there are additional athletes placed in the event, they are considered to be exhibition and do not score.  Below are how events are scored based on their finishing time in the event.

Place Individual Event Scoring Relay Event Scoring
 1st  6  8
 2nd  4  4
 3rd  3  2
 4th  2  0
 5th  1  0
 6th  0  0


List of Events:

  • 200 Medley Relay (50 yards of each stroke - 50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly, 50 free)
  • 200 Freestyle
  • 200 Individual Medley (50 yards of each stroke - 50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free)
  • 50 Freestyle
  • Diving - 6 dives at dual meets, 11 at most invites
  • 100 Butterfly
  • 100 Freestyle
  • 500 Freestyle
  • 200 Free Relay (50 yards of free x 4)
  • 100 Backstroke
  • 100 Breaststroke
  • 400 Free Relay (100 yards of free x 4)

Swimming Events

Competitive swimming consists of four different strokes; freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. Each stroke and their corresponding turns will be taught at practice but athletes should have some experience swimming these strokes prior to joining the team. Flip turns and open turns are new to most swimmers that have not swam competitively and will be taught at practice.

Diving Events

Diving starts after the 50 yard freestyle. Each team is allowed up to 6 divers. During Diving, athletes and spectators should remain quiet. Three judges score each diver. Each diver will perform 6 dives of varying categories: forward, back, reverse, inward, and twisting. The more difficult the dive (degree of difficulty), the more the judge's scores are multiplied.