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PayK12 Box Office App NOW AVAILABLE!

By Admin, 10/13/22, 1:30PM CDT


The PayK12 Box Office app is now available! This app will allow you to purchase tickets and store them in the app until you are ready to use them as well as store any passes you have for Shakopee High School events. 


Download the PayK12 Box Office app.

Once downloaded, please log in with you PayK12 username/ email and password. Don't know what that is? That's ok!

  • If you have purchased tickets online for a game in the past, it's the same email and password. Can't remember your password? Just click the "forgot my password" link and it will help you reset it.
  • If you have not purchased tickets, the email that you are receiving this message at is most likely your email that was set up with your pass account. Put in this email address, then click the same "forgot my password" link.

You got in! Now what? You should see two things- My Tickets and My Passes

  • My Tickets- this is where you find any tickets that you have purchased online for future events. You can also purchase tickets for upcoming games under this. 
  • My Passes- this is where you will find your passes! Click this, then keep clicking! You should be able to see your pass, then click in to see the games. Select the game that you are attending and a code will pop up to be scanned at the door! 

There are a few things that we do need to make you aware of. They are still working out some tweaks with the app. 

  • Right now, it does work better for iPhones than it does Androids (sorry). But that doesn't mean Androids still can't use it, then can! Some features might just be a little slower.
  • If you are purchasing tickets, it is possible to transfer your tickets through the app now. However, again, Android users are seeing more problems with this not working than iPhone users.
  • If you have a plastic pass, you need to choose one or the other. Once one is scanned at a game, the other will show as invalid for that same game.
  • The more people we get to use the app, the fewer problems we will have!

We thank you very much for your patience as we launch the app! Please try to download it and troubleshoot it with the information above first, but then if you are still having major issues, please contact us. Thank you!