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4/12 Tryout

By Coaches , 04/11/23, 9:45PM CDT


Day 1 of official try outs is finally here!

We hope to complete tryouts on Wednesday and Thursday, with teams posted on Friday. The schedule for Thursday will be dictated by results on Wednesday, so will not come out until the late tee times on Wednesday night. 

If you were not directly talked to about something different, you will be playing at Water's edge.  Please dress in golf attire as was brought up at practice on Tuesday. You will be keeping score of someone else in your group. All rules of golf will be followed including drops and penalty strokes. If you are not up on these you need to call a coach to get a ruling or make a note so we can rule there after.  A coach will meet you when you get to the course, give you a few minutes to warm up, and then send you out on the course. Due to the late start of tryouts and limited days to get them in, we are going to try to get as many holes in as possible until 6:00 pm. At that point all scorecards will be handed in to Coach Fish as you exit the course. We will let you know anything else with play before you go off after we are able to see what condition the course is in.