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Registration Information

All registrations must be done through the online registration link. To access the registration, please click the appropriate link below. All online forms must be completed and submitted to the High School Activities Office before a student is eligible for practice. 

To become eligible for any co-curricular activity, the following three items must be completed. Once the registration is submitted and the physical is checked, the student is cleared in the eligibility list for their activity. Each program coach/ advisor has access to view the lists which are updated in real time. If a student's name is not listed or not cleared, the student must go through the Activities Office to confirm and verify their eligibility. 

1. Sports Physical

A sports physical is required by the Minnesota State HS League every three years. Once turned in, it is kept on file in the Activities Office until it expires. 

Regardless of the EXACT date of the exam, ALL physicals expire on 6/30 of the 3rd school year.  All incoming 7th graders should have a physical from the calendar year that they start 7th grade. 

Athletes need a properly completed, current physical on file in the Activities Office before being cleared for practices. 

Sports physicals are only required for the Athletic Registrations. 

2. Online Registration

For athletics, registration must be completed online at the beginning of each sports season. This is to update and emergency medical information that may have changed. The online registration system allows you to create a log in and keep the information in file. You only need to update what you are registering for and make any changes needed. 

Activity registration may be done at any time throughout the year as long as it is done before the activity starts meeting. All activities are on one registration that may be filled out as needed, as many times as needed. You are unable, however, to go into a completed registration to edit. 

All online registrations cover the Emergency Medical Form, the Permission, Acknowledgement and Insurance Waiver, the MSHSL Eligibility State and the Health Questionnaire. These forms must be completed and submitted before any participation should take place. 

3. Fee Payment

The fee structure is the same for all students in grades 7-12. There is a per person limit of $450 per year and a family limit of $600. Please be aware that Training Haus programs do not count towards your limits, only Shakopee High School organized activities do.

Payment must be submitted with the online registration. Credit, Debit or Checking is accepted by Sports Engine. If financial assistance is needed, please reach out to the Activities Office. 

Athletics: $150 per season

Competitive Activities: $150 per season

Fine Arts Activities: $85 per activity

Curricular Activities: $10 per activity