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Saber Pause

Saber Pause Therapy Dog Event

Saber Pause

Saber Pause's mission is to create a culture of health, resilience and well being for students AND staff at SHS by providing opportunities to practice healthy coping skills and an environment that supports and encourages using these skills.

Our aim is to do this through the Green Bandana Project, Therapy Dogs, and various outreach events. The Green Bandana Project is a mental health awareness and suicide prevention campaign that uses bandanas to support peers in getting help. Therapy Dogs is working with an outside organization to bring therapy dogs into the school for students and staff to get an uplifting break and support. Outreach opportunities and events vary from year-to-year based on student interest and ideas.

Heather Schroeder


Phone: 952-496-5152

Megan Giesen


Phone: 952-496-5133


Saber Pause President: Sayumi Ranasinghe

Saber Pause Vice President: Jolena Davannavong

Saber Pause Secretary: Diana Espino

Saber Pause Public Relations: Jordyn Blenkush

Green Bandana Chair: Kaitlyn Neri

Green Bandana Co-Chair: Janani Karthick

Green Bandana Secretary: Kelsie Hicks

Green Bandana Public Relations: Kallie Sparks

Therapy Dogs Chair: Francesca Miranda

Therapy Dogs Co-Chair: Madison Truong

Therapy Dogs Secretary: Kelsie Hicks

Therapy Dogs Public Relations: Margaret Muneton

Outreach Chair: Aryana Joos

Outreach Co-Chair: Kate Rux

Outreach Secretary: Jordan Demay

Outreach Public Relations: Kalle Sparks

Next Member Meeting

Green Bandana Group: Monday January 24th @ 3:10pm in the Saber Community Room

Outreach Group: Monday January 31 @ 3:10pm in the Saber Community Room

Saber Pause Full Meeting: Monday February 7 @ 3:10pm in the Saber Community Room

Therapy Dog Group: Monday February 14th @ 3:10pm in the Saber Community Room

Leader Meeting: 2022

Saber Pause News & Updates

No news currently found.

Green Bandana Training

If you are interested in becoming a Green Bandana Ambassador, please sign-up to attend one of the Green Bandana trainings. Trainings will be added and updated throughout the year.

December Therapy Dog Sign-up

Friday December 17th, Saber Pause will be hosting a Therapy Dog event in the Saber Community Room. Please use this link to sign-up.