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Volunteer Information

The Shakopee Activities Office has opportunities available for parents and community members to earn activity passes through volunteering. Volunteers help run our ticket sales, gate management, and penalty boxes at home events. By working three shifts (approximately two hours per shift), volunteers earn yearly activity passes that get them into events for free. 

We welcome anyone and everyone to sign up! Shifts are first come, first serve and will be done online through our Dibs module. Once you sign up for your three shifts, you will earn your pass. Shifts do not have to be fulfilled before getting or renewing a pass. However, failure to show up for a shift will result in your pass being deactivated. Our office relies on our volunteers to help games run successfully and to help keep district costs down. 

What do the Volunteers do?

Volunteers help us with multiple jobs! You can pick a job that you like and stick with it for all three shifts, or change it up and try three different jobs! Just please make sure that your shifts don't overlap with each other. 

In previous years, there has been a ticket seller position. That position has been eliminated as we are all online for tickets! 

Ticket Scanner

Scanners are the first person that fans see at a game. Fans will purchase tickets online and the Scanners will use  an ipad o to scan the tickets. They also scan passes and student IDs for anyone coming into the game. Scanners are important because that is how we reconcile cash boxes, know how many people we have at our events, and know who is at our event for safety. 

Hall Supervisor

At any event taking place at Shakopee High School, we also have hall supervisors. These volunteers are responsible for helping our game supervisors by keeping kids out of hallways that they don't belong in, helping with tickets when the ticket volunteers get backed up, and in general, helping fans figure out where they need to go when they come into our facility.

Penalty Box Attendant

This is a hockey specific volunteer position. This volunteer sits in the penalty box during a JV or Varsity hockey game and opens/closes the box when a player needs to enter or exit. The attendant needs to pay attention to the game and to the time on the penalty clock.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to volunteer is an easy, two- step process. First you need to register to be a volunteer, then you go into Dibs and select your three shifts. Once you have claimed your three sessions, you are good to go! Your 2023- 2024 season pass has been earned! Reminder emails will be sent before your shifts. If you do not show up for your shifts, your Activities Pass will be shut off. 

Step 1- Registration

Click the "Volunteer Registration" link below (also available in the Registration tab at the top). You will have to create a Sports Engine account if you don't have one already. Once you log in, follow the step and answer all of the questions. 

Please make sure you are putting in a valid email. This email will be the one to receive the PayK12 notifications about your passes. All passes will digital through their app this year. 

Once you have completed the registration, you are ready to sign up! You only need to register ONCE per volunteer, not three! 

Step 2- Dibs

Upon completion of your volunteer registration, click the Dibs tab at the top of our site. Make sure you are logged in to Sports Engine! Then, under the Dibs Session Name, click 2023-2024 Volunteer Sessions.

All of the volunteer opportunities are now listed. The Dib items are easily filtered at the top using date, location, or category (sport). To find out more information about the job, click the item and the description will say what you will be doing (selling, scanning, etc). 

Once an item is open, click "claim this dib" at the bottom of the description to sign up for that item. Answer the mandatory questions, then claim the dib. You must do this three times in order to earn your pass. 

PayK12 Box Office App

The PayK12 Box Office app is now available! This app will store your earned activity pass so you never have to look for a card again! It will also allow you to purchase tickets and store them in the app until you are ready to use them. Passes will automatically be added to your accounts before the first home events for those that have earned them. 


Download the PayK12 Box Office app.

Once downloaded, please log in with you PayK12 username/ email and password. Don't know what that is? That's ok!

  • The email that was entered to earn a pass was used to create an account. You may have even gotten an email to activate your account- its legit and you can open it!  Put in that email address, then click the "forgot my password" link.

You got in! Now what? You should see two things- My Tickets and My Passes

  • My Tickets- this is where you find any tickets that you have purchased online for future events. You can also purchase tickets for upcoming games under this. 
  • My Passes- this is where you will find your passes! Click this, then keep clicking! You should be able to see your pass, then click in to see the games. Select the game that you are attending and a code will pop up to be scanned at the door! 

There are a few things that we do need to make you aware of. They are still working out some tweaks with the app. 

  • Right now, it does work better for iPhones than it does Androids (sorry). But that doesn't mean Androids still can't use it, they can! Some features might just be a little slower.
  • If you are purchasing tickets, it is possible to transfer your tickets through the app now. However, again, Android users are seeing more problems with this not working than iPhone users.
  • Please use this instead of your plastic pass. 
  • The more people we get to use the app, the fewer problems we will have!

 Please try to download it and troubleshoot it with the information above first, but then if you are still having major issues, contact us. Thank you!